Lashes starting at $85

from classic fans to full on mega lashes. WE HAVE IT ALL! check out our media for more beautiful styles. quality over quantity at all times. We provide only the best quality in lashes and lash care. With our lash care kits and healthy lash hygiene you can maintain luxurious natural lashes. our appointments are 1 - 3 hours depending on the style requested. contact us for more information. 

Protecting your hair is such an important task. Like us our hair need water, sun, a bath, and mostly a BREAK. When you noticed that your hair seems brittle give it a rest with a protective hairstyle. The idea is to gather the hair in a still position to give it strength and time to recover. Just like us our hair is stronger with support. Try box braids, cornrows, twists or even bontu knots. Not only are they healthy when warn for an appropriate amount of time but, they're GORGOUS!  For more suggesting's and help with brittle or dry scalp please contact us for a discounted consultation on custom natural hair care products to help you get your hair back to where you want it to be.

body contouring has been practiced since the beginning of time. Here we use ONLY non invasive techniques. we offer very diverse methods to help you contour your body. when following our full personal plan you can lose 1-3 inches per session. we offer:

laser lipo


wood therapy

lymph nod draining

sauna bed

vibration plate


We also offer add-ons starting at $5 such as:

cellulite burning creams

skin tightening creams

body masks

body wraps

infused body wraps

heating creams

Protective hairstyles 

body contuor

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